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April 2014 Buck Tail
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The Buck Tail

April 2014

Chiefly Speaking


"For, said he, who serves his fellows is of all his fellows greatest!" —Meteu, quoting Chingachgook

This idea of servant-leadership keeps popping up in locations beyond the Ordeal ceremony. Certain religious faiths use ideas like this in their teachings and civic leaders have used this point, too; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in his "Drum Major Instinct" speech, focuses on the fact that anyone can lead because anyone can serve. This idea of servant-leadership also means that you cannot lead and expect others to follow if you are not willing to do what you are asking your followers to do. This is crucial to the success of the leader and the team.

The Order of the Arrow stresses this idea of servant leadership in all that it does. Each Arrowman is charged to serve those that put them in the Order, that is, their units. As lodge chief, I serve the lodge. The lodge serves the council. We, as Scouting's honor campers, serve our communities and our fellow man.

This begs the question that we must always ask ourselves: "How am I serving my fellow man?"  As members of the Order of the Arrow, our sash identifies us, but even without the sash, we should be identifiable as ones who live out the ideals of a Brotherhood of Cheerful Service.  After all, when we were elected into the Order of the Arrow, we did not have a sash; our fellow Scouts were still able to discern these qualities about us.  They could tell we had seen the arrow, even if we were unable to know we had seen it ourselves.  It is why we wear the arrow on our sash.

In short, if you want to lead, serve.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Joe Donahue
Lodge Chief

Ordeal Weekend, Conclave Registrations Opened

Ajapeu Lodge will host two Ordeal Weekends at Camp Ockanickon this year.  The first one is on May 30 - June 1, 2014.  The second one will be on August 15-17, 2014.  Both registrations are now open at http://www.ajapeu33.org.

Additionally, the Section NE-5B Conclave to be held at Goose Pond Scout Reservation is also open for sign-ups.  The Conclave is on June 6-8, 2014 at Goose Pond Scout Reservation.  Sign Ups for that are also open at www.ajapeu33.org.  Click the buttons on the home page to sign up!


Ajapeu Lodge Receives First Ever OA Innovation Award

On March 24, 2014, it was announced that Ajapeu Lodge received the first ever OA Innovation Award, which intends to recognize those lodges that come up with creative solutions to a challenge that lodge faces.

Ajapeu Lodge received the award for its Phone-A-Thon, which helped the lodge attain the positive growth requisite for its recognition in the Journey to Excellence program.  LEC members met on December 5, 2013 at the council office and worked phone lines, ultimately getting 57 people to pay lodge dues that evening.

Ajapeu Lodge is one of only two lodges from the Northeast Region to receive the award.  A total of eight lodges, two from each region, receive the award each year.

The award, which will be presented at the National Annual Meeting of the Boy Scouts of America in late May, emphasizes how much of an integral role the lodge plays in the council.  In addition to issuing a certificate to the lodge, the national Order of the Arrow committee will make a $1,000 donation to the Bucks County Council's endowment funds in the name of Ajapeu Lodge.


Vigil Honor Nominations Due May 28, 2014

Due to the change in the Spring Ordeal date, Vigil Honor nominations are due on or before May 28. Please nominate any and all deserving Brothers, provided that they have been Brotherhood for two years. Brothers from both sides of the river may be nominated for this high honor.  Vigil Honor is the highest honor we can bestow on someone for service at the local level. Fill out the online form at www.ajapeu33.org or snail-mail it into the Council Office. Note that no late forms can be accepted, and selection of under-21 year olds are required for selection of over-21 year olds.

A special note in regard to the recent territorial acquisition: Any member of the lodge, provided that they are members in good standing with the Bucks County Council and have been Brotherhood for two years, can be nominated for the Vigil Honor.  The national office is recognizing Ajapeu Lodge's Vigil Honor quota as separate from that of Sakuwit Lodge. Thus, regardless of what side of the Delaware River you reside on, you can be nominated and nominate.


Michael Candell Appointed Lenape Chapter Adviser

After the resignation of former Lenape Chapter Adviser Thomas Thibault, it was announced that Scout Executive and Supreme Chief of the Fire Magne Gundersen would be appointing Michael Candell to the position of Lenape Chapter Adviser.

Mr. Candell is a Vigil Honor member of Ajapeu Lodge, and was inducted into the OA in 1968.  He obtained his Brotherhood membership the following year, and would go on to receive the Vigil Honor in 1998.  Along the way, he would serve the lodge in various functions, and assists with the preparation of the lodge patch auctions.

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Candell on this new responsibility and in thanking Mr. Thibault for his service!

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