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May 2014 Buck Tail
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May 2014 Buck Tail
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The Buck Tail

May 2014

Chiefly Speaking


"Fifteen blazes led you to us, but the trail that you have followed becomes rougher, steeper, fainter: you will need a brighter fire." --Nutiket

This weekend, we will conduct our first Ordeal of this year. I, for one, have always enjoyed Ordeal weekends (except for my own when I was going through it, but we all have had that feeling).  These weekends allow us to show the incoming members of our lodge exactly what a Brotherhood of Cheerful Service is all about.  We show the candidates what we are about, and why we are Scouting's National Honor Society.

What are we always guided by, though?  Fifteen blazes led us to the circle at the Pre-Ordeal -- the fifteen points of the Scout Oath and Law.  Think about them for a few moments.  How have you needed them over the course of your life, from when you first committed yourself to these principles to now?

What is the brighter fire Nutiket speaks of?  The fire of cheerfulness, which each Arrowman has an obligation to build upon.  The Obligation of the Order of the Arrow states that we need to maintain a cheerful spirit, regardless of how cheerful the actual task is.

There is still one more thing that guides us.  That one more thing unites us all in Brotherhood.  It is one word; it might be hard to pronounce, but each Arrowman received it.  It is the only thing that has survived since 1915.  It is our admonition.

Today, recommit yourself to these principles.  Recommit yourself to these principles that guide us and unite us all.  Then live them.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Joe Donahue
Lodge Chief

Still Time to Register for Conclave

The Section NE-5B Conclave to be held at Goose Pond Scout Reservation is open for sign-ups.  The Conclave is on June 6-8, 2014 at Goose Pond Scout Reservation.  Sign Ups for that are open at http://www.ajapeu33.org/event/2014-ne-5b-conclave/1466634. Current Brothers and newly-inducted candidates as of the May Ordeal Weekend are able to attend.

There will be plenty of fun activities, as well as several notable guests (including Southern Region Chief Wesley Seaman).  Come on out for a great time!

Vigil Honor Nominations Due May 28, 2014 (TODAY)

Due to the change in the Spring Ordeal date, Vigil Honor nominations are due on or before May 28. Please nominate any and all deserving Brothers, provided that they have been Brotherhood for two years. Brothers from both sides of the river may be nominated for this high honor.  Vigil Honor is the highest honor we can bestow on someone for service at the local level. Fill out the online form at http://www.ajapeu33.org/survey/vigil-nominations-for-2014/31732 or snail-mail it into the Council Office. Note that no late forms can be accepted, and selection of under-21 year olds are required for selection of over-21 year olds.

No Brother can be considered for the Vigil Honor without a nomination from another member of the lodge.

A special note in regard to the recent territorial acquisition: Any member of the lodge, provided that they are members in good standing with the Bucks County Council and have been Brotherhood for two years, can be nominated for the Vigil Honor.  The national office is recognizing Ajapeu Lodge's Vigil Honor quota as separate from that of Sakuwit Lodge. Thus, regardless of what side of the Delaware River you reside on, you can be nominated and nominate.

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